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Connection is creation - We are near at hand

Outsourcing structural engineering services for a quality result!

Outsourcing structural engineering services for a quality result!

Connection is creation - We are near at hand

If you ponder of:

  • finding and hiring a reliable structural analysis and engineering company with steel connection design and high quality
  • scaling your business quicker
  • increasing your flexibility by using engineering resources only when you need them
  • applying greater focus on the critical tasks, while outsourcing connection design to us
  • having the best engineering insight - just choose NeerSite!

Do not create just houses, but homes!

House plan 1
House plan 1
House 2
House 2

Optimized details for refined design solutions with NeerSite

Our purpose is to support the implementers to:

  • be effective as possible at building up, and, at the same time, meet the required (Eurocode/BS) standards
  • achieve the most practical way of their own working, resulting in a reduced overall cost of a project
  • avoid criticality of structural analysis and engineering, thus we are aware of even a small analysis error can lead to loss of valuable time and money
  • meet, of course, their deadlines, by providing for them the high-level NeerSite solutions; a simple and effective design paired with a longer lifetime

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Who are we?

We are a connection design engineer company focusing on successful structural steelwork fabrication details where efficiency and safety require detailed calculations combined with creative design. Our expertise and outstanding quality have made us, too, a preferred outsourcing destination for a world-class provider of cranes and pipe-handling equipment for the offshore rig market. Therefore we focus on the optimal solution of the specific task, resulting in minimum changes of the original design, but providing significant structural improvement.

NeerSite - Structural Calculation

Our recommendations to our new clients

Our structural team works with a number of specialist programmes. MasterSERIES MasterKEY for the design of steel moment & simple connections in multi-storey frames to EuroCode3 and BS5950. Staad for the design of shipboard cranes to EuroCODE/DNV/NS. Although we are continuously solving several cases, the possibility to free 2-3 structural engineer for a new client is open.

All of our structures are always tailor-made types of equipment, we are normally checking all details based on an adequate standard. Throughout the whole process, we give continuous feedback on the structural quality of the solutions, and if necessary, providing options for reinforcement. Therefore the final NeerSite design is always meeting our client’s expectations both structurally and in cost efficiency.

NeerSite Guarantee of excellence!

Guarantee of EXCELLENCE

We guarantee you outstanding an quality of work
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